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What are you paying for?

With your new build, it helps to have a clear budget and know what you are
paying for. Any quote you get from a builder should have details on what
services are included as part of the quote.
For example, you should know if material supplies are part of the price, as well
as other factors such as site maintenance and clearance.

Another important aspect to check is if you require planning permission and if
the company needs approval before starting construction work. It is also
recommended to discuss this with your neighbours before you begin work as this
will help to deal with any potential issues that could arise.
Make sure you get proof of payment

It is important that your contract includes proof of payment (be wary of anyone
who offers a “VAT free” deal). The contract should be clear. Mostly it should not
require payment upfront unless the building work requires specialist materials or
is likely to take a long time, in which case an alternative payment scheme should
be agreed with the contractor.
Payment terms should be clearly defined and agreed before you start as this can
reduce the likelihood of disputes occurring later on. As your project it is a new
build, the contract should also include a guarantee on the property.
Ideally there should also be insurance, so that you can be covered against any
property damage in the event of any accidents or injuries (for yourself, anyone
working on the project and anyone who could potentially visit the building site).

Benefits of a new build

One of the biggest advantages of a new build is the fact it can be tailored to your
needs. For example, the fixtures and fittings can be guaranteed, so you won’t
face additional repair bills. Furthermore unlike older properties there is less
maintenance due to materials such as UPVC that only require cleaning and
generally do not need as much repairing.

There are also more opportunities to customise the design in a way you want.
Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can be pre-installed
while depending on the space available there may be more opportunities to
customise the space (such as walk-in wardrobes or specific wall tile designs.).
New builds will often tend to be safer because they are constructed according to
modern building standards. For example, this can often mean superior
insulation, reducing energy emissions and heating costs. It is also easier to
install security features such as alarms, which in turn can reduce insurance

On a practical level, when you purchase a new build there is no risk of someone
“gazumping” you because once this is agreed the property is then taken off the
Naturally, people can be concerned during the process. How is the building work
going? Fortunately, most developers will allow you to inspect the site while the
construction is being worked on (though this will require wearing a hard hat and
following health and safety instructions as directed on site.)

Make it yours

One fear is that with new builds is that they may lack character or feel unique.
There are a number of ways around this that can allow you to add some creative
flair to a newly constructed space. Looking at show homes can provide
inspiration while after nine months you can add a new coat of paint in order to
add your own style to your new home.

Lamps can add softer light to a room while rugs can add a little texture and
make a living space feel a bit cosier. Even little things like bathroom caddies or a
colourful toaster in the kitchen can add little personalised notes to make your
new home feel more like your own personal space.
Of course, fresh flowers can always make a room feel fresh and welcoming and a
well-positioned vase in the centre of a table can allow the house to feel more
cosy and comfortable.

We can help
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