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In many ways, the driveway can be the first impression someone can have of
your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that you give someone the best
possible first impression. This is why it is important to find the right driveway
contractor who will do the best possible job for you.

The look

You can overhaul the look of your driveway with a different kind of material.
Block paving is a popular option because it has a great look but it is also
durable. You can get block paving in various colours and styles so it can fit the
décor of your home.

Tarmac is another popular option as it can over be laid over the top of existing
driveways. Though people tend to think of it as one singular material there are a
range of colours and textures, so a tarmac drive can fit into more design choices
that you may think. It also have the advantage of being more low maintenance
than other options.

Bonded resin tends to be a more aesthetically appealing choice for driveways
though the surface can also be very durable. In order to make this surface resin
is placed on the ground and then small stones are placed over this. One
potential issue is this rougher finish is not water permeable, so you may need
planning permission if you want to use this particular material for your driveway.
Gravel is one of the most affordable options for driveway surfaces and when
installed correctly can look very impressive.

While the repair costs are low, it
does require regular flattening and will require regular weeding in order to
maintain the surface.
As such there is no right or wrong option, it is very much a balance of your own
aesthetic preference as well as what will be best suited to your practical needs.

Practical issues

As well as the surface, you should also have a hardcore foundation of around
100-150mm, with a membrane in order to reduce vegetation growing through as
well as separating the hardcore and the soil. The hardcore should be properly
compacted in order to give a decent base to the surface above.


Unfortunately, some people have given driveway contractors a bad reputation.
This is something that genuine contractors are sympathetic to and in our case
we know the right way to work with our customers but also to reduce the risk of
someone being exploited by rogue contractors.

If someone contacts you by randomly knocking on your door offering building
work, it is something to reconsider. Ideally, they should be certified with a local
building association, something that you should verify independently (don’t use
any number that they have on a card they give you or on their own badge).
Another red flag is if someone asks for the full amount in cash before a project
starts. Some certified contractors may ask for some money upfront if a project
requires specialist building material or if the construction work is likely to take a
long time. However, this is something that should be agreed as part of a
contract before work takes place.

A contractor should also be able to discuss any projects they have worked on, as
well as offer information on the accreditation that they have. It is also worth
asking if they have insurance, such as public liability insurance in the event of
anyone getting injured on the construction site. They may have testimonials or
be able to give details of people who have had work done in the local area (who
have offered to provide a reference).
It is also worth looking at any potential quote. Be wary of anyone who offers a
suspiciously low price, as this may include hidden fees that may be included
once the work is completed.

Design issues

Planning permission may be required depending on the type of work that will
need to be done on your driveway. There may also be issues depending on the
depth they will need to dig down to, the kind of materials that they will be using
as well as how they will deal with issues such as working around gas pipes,
water pipes or other similar issues.

Drainage is one major issue that is likely to come up. If the water can be
directed away or the material is semi-permeable or permeable then planning
permission is not required. The reason this is an issue is that councils want to
ensure that any water is directed slowly into a road drainage system rather than
directly, therefore reducing the risk of flooding.

A contractor should be happy to go over these details and explain how they
could potentially affect your driveway construction. Communication is a part of
the job.

The process can take a while, so they should be able to explain the
progress of the work and be willing to discuss any issues you may have.
The type of work you will be able to do can be affected by planning permission,
so the contractor should be up to date on any potential issues there. For
example, if you want to add a dropped kerb, this is something that will require
permission from the local council.

Another aspect that is worth looking into is if the contractor offers aftercare.
Problems can occur after a driveway has been completed and it is often a good

sign if the builder or their team is willing to come back in order to address
anything that requires additional repairs. This is something that should be
discussed during contract talks to see what kind of after-care services that a
company offers.

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