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Before any construction work can be done, the surface needs to be prepared.
This preparation process is known as groundwork and it is the vital first step in
any building project.

Different types

As well as preparing surfaces, there are other forms of groundwork that need to
be considered before other construction work can be started. This includes
ensuring that cables and drains are properly laid down, while in some cases this
may also refer to installing utilities such as broadband cables.
You also need to make sure that foundations are in place, as well as any
necessary substructures. You don’t need to work in the construction industry to
know the importance of proper sewer construction, as this will be vital in
ensuring any building is a safe and healthy environment to live or work in.
This is important because in the long term effective groundwork reduces the risk
of potential damage and therefore incurring additional and expensive repair


Another aspect of groundwork is that it is literally the part that the project is
built on. This means that the structure and layout of a building is affected. It is
vital that this is done properly as this is what will be holding the weight of the
building and will mean everyone inside is safe.
In some cases, it may be necessary that a previous structure has to be
removed. Therefore careful demolition has to be included as part of the process.
Any contractor should include this, evaluating and planning the groundwork
before considering going into the construction.


Various factors can affect the quality of groundwork. This can include the
geology of the surface that is being built on, how the water flows, soil conditions
and if there are any potential contaminants in the land. Appropriate treatments
will need to be done at this point in order to check that building work can begin
The site will then need to be cleared. Topsoil will be checked in order to see if
the site has a slope. Any sloping may mean that the ground has to be levelled
and retaining walls may have to be constructed to form level development

Foundation checks

A structural engineer will check over a foundation. This is the thing that stops
structures from splitting, falling apart or unbalancing. Furthermore, a solid
foundation can also add to the overall aesthetic of a building. Elements of this
can include driveways, footings, beam flooring and underpinning.
Footings are put in place to provide a firm base to support the foundation,
spreading the total weight over a larger area. The depth and width need to be
calculated carefully, so it requires someone with the relevant skills and
experience to ensure this is done properly.
Underpinnings are techniques used in order to make the foundation deeper or in
some cases to correct any faults that need to be repaired with the foundation.
Excavation is another factor. This is not just a case of digging a hole for a pipe to
go. It is also about inserting manholes. A company should also provide barriers
so that any people, animals or machinery that end up on the site do not fall in
by accident.

Choosing a contractor

When choosing someone to work on groundworks, there are a few factors to
consider. As with any construction work, it helps to look at projects they have
worked on in the past. Ideally, they should be able to tell you buildings they
have worked on that you can go and see for yourself.
Furthermore, they should have testimonials and references that you can look up
in order to see if the people who had worked with them previously were satisfied
with the work that was completed.
If the contractor is part of an association, you should be able to look them up.
The advantage of this is that in the event of any issues you have someone that
you will be able to contact.

If a company arrives on your doorstep and offers to do building work, this is
something you should be wary of. You should be especially wary if they ask for
the full amount upfront and especially if they ask for the full amount in cash.
However, a deposit is something that may be asked for with some companies. In
the event of a construction project that is likely to take a long time it may be
necessary to spread payments over the course of the project as opposed to
paying for the entire project at the end.

A professional contractor should be able to discuss with you the terms of the
contract. In the case of groundwork, they should be able to go into detail about
their experience in drainage systems, foundation work, excavation and
demolition work and what skills might be necessary for your particular
construction project.
On top of this, they should be able to state what you are paying for. Be careful if
the cost of the quote seems very low. There is the risk that there may be hidden

costs or the contractor has underestimated the cost of the time or materials
involved with the construction process.

It is also worth asking if the cost includes fees such as liability insurance. There
is always the risk of someone being injured on a building site and it is important
to know if this is covered in the overall quote.

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Construction projects can often be very daunting and it is often something that
people can be nervous about. This is why the groundwork process is so
important as it literally puts everything in place to make any future construction
work run smoother and provides a solid foundation.
We want to help you throughout the process and it starts with an initial
conversation. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to go into more
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