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New Home Builders in Norfolk

When choosing builders for your new build, there are various aspects to
consider. Read on to find out what Doughty Construction’s New Build
process has to offer.

Our New Build Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of a new build is the fact it can be tailored to your
needs. For example, the fixtures and fittings can be guaranteed, so you won’t
face additional repair bills.

Furthermore, unlike older properties, there is less maintenance due to materials
such as UPVC that only require cleaning and generally do not need as much

We also customise the design in a way you want. Appliances such as dishwashers
and washing machines can be pre-installed, while – depending on the space available –
there may be more opportunities to customise the space –
(such as walk-in wardrobes or specific wall tile designs).

Our New Builds are designed to be safer and are constructed according to
modern building standards. This will mean your home has superior
insulation – reducing energy emissions and heating costs.

It will also be easier to install security features such as alarms, which in turn can
reduce insurance premiums.

Naturally, people can be concerned during the process and wonder how the
building work going?

That’s why we allow our clients to inspect the site while the construction is being worked on
(whilst wearing a hard hat and following health and safety instructions as directed on site).

Builders You Can Trust

Another aspect when choosing potential builders is their reputation.

That’s we pride ourselves on being well-established with years of experience in
the building trade.

We are fully certified traders with hundreds of references available for full assurance.

That way, you can contact them and learn about the successful new build projects
they experienced with us.

Get What You Pay For

We believe there should be no hidden costs, which is why our material supplies,
site maintenance and clearance are all a part of the price.

We also only conduct work following planning permission before starting construction.
the company needs approval before starting construction work.

We offer a guarantee on the property, as well as insurance on damage or accidents.

Simply put, we believe that only full peace of mind is good enough.

The Design of Your Dreams

One fear is that with new builds is that they may lack character or not feel unique enough
(or too unique!)

That’s why we offer a number of ways to allow you to add some creative
flair to a newly constructed space.

We offer customers to look at our show homes to provide inspiration.

If you’re interested in creating your own to create your own new build, we want to hear
from you. We can go over your requirements and create a contract based on
what you want from your property.

Contact us today on 01986 483828 so we can discuss your dream build and how we
can make it happen.